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A common topic customers ask about are the differences between glazing (glass). Premium Clear by Tru Vue (regular) is 45% UV protected which is acceptable for inexpensive, “open edition” prints or posters (something of not great value). There are some prints or posters that should have good glass such as movie posters or band posters that may increase in value over time. 99% UV Conservation glass is much better protected from the sun. Tru Vue 99% UV protected Museum glass is crystal clear (it cuts down glare and reflection, however it is not a “non-glare” glass). Regular clear window glass is not recommended for custom picture framing, although it’s commonly used. Regular window glass does not come pre-cleaned, and there’s usually oil and grit on it. It’s also thicker and heavier than picture frame glass. We also do NOT recommend non-glare glass for anything because it has a haze on it, which will decrease the visibility of the image. Most museums will not use non-glare glass either. The piece pictured below has Tru Vue Museum Glass 99% UV protection. The glare that you see is a glare from the record and not the glass.

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