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  Glossary of Picture Framing Terms

Acid Burn - The yellow-brown stains where the mat board comes in contact with the artwork, and the brown spots that come through the back from wood backing or the mounting board. This can be avoided by using acid-free materials.

Acid Free - Mat or Mounting board with a pH of 7 or slightly greater. Alphamat by Nielsen Bainbridge is acid-free and lignin free.

ATG Tape - Adhesive Transfer Tape, Basically a pressure sensitive adhesive applied to a special release paper. ATG - Adhesive Transfer Gun the tool to apply the tape.

Bevel - The angled cut on the inside edge of a mat board nearest the art work.

Burnishing - Pressing or rubbing gold or silver leaf with an agate burnishing tool so it will conform to the surface under it. Smoothing the leaf with the tool causes it to shine. It is not polishing the gold or silver.

Conservation Framing - Using acid-free archival materials in the framing process- Such as rag mat boards, UV-glass and Japanese paper for hinging artwork to the mounting board.

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